Bennett (formerly called August) is a 1:28 scale (Large Stablemate) American-style Large Pony Hunter gelding sculpted by Kim Murray. This cheeky pony is standing as though he is being shown in-hand in the Pony Model Class at a Hunter/Jumper show. He has his head slightly turned and his ears pricked as though he is being bribed with a peppermint to stand still and show off for the judge!


This sculpt was originally meant as an American counterpart to Auron, the Welsh A Stallion, but the sculpt has evolved so much since working on him digitally, that Kim decided he is a Large Pony Hunter rather than a Welsh A and so wanted to give him with his own name starting with the letter B for “Bennett” as it is a name from her family history back in the States, which she just felt would be more fitting for this rather handsome and elegant little chap, as well as a nice nod to her family and heritage


Bennett will be offered as a limited edition in four scales. This listing is for the 1:28 stablemate scale, which will be sold in a run of 60 pieces, pressure cast in solid white urethane resin with steel reinforced legs and tail. This variant does not have a pinwheel tail as it was too fragile in this scale. Additionally, the tail has been modified so that the tailbone lays against his left buttock.


All preorders have been cast. As such, your order will be made once received. Please allow up to 10 working days for your model to join the queue, to be cast, to be cleaned, and to be packaged and shipped. 

PLEASE NOTE: All Black Friday Weekend sales will ship mid-December due to travel. If you would prefer to delay shipping until after the holiday season let us know via order notes or via email and we can accommodate.

SM Scale - Bennett - American Large Pony Hunter

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