About the Logo

Capital Equestrian Logo
Blue KM Logo.JPG

The Capital Equestrian Logo is a real talking point.  Not only is it synonymous with Kim's  beautiful equine sculpture across the world and the KM diamonds can be found on all of her original work but, it has quite deep and meaningful ties for Kim too.


When Kim was younger she was an avid horseback rider competing at nationally ranked shows in the USA in Show Hunter, Equitation, and Show Jumper classes as well as competing in Western Gymkhana at local and High School Shows.

Kim was lucky enough to own 3 show horses at her peak, which is where she decided to come up with her own stable name of "Capital Equestrian" which is "a nod" to her family's company name with her own spin on it.  She went on to choose stable colours of blue and grey, both her favourites at the time. 

Fast forward a decade and Kim finds herself pursuing a career in Equine Sculpture and so the studio name "Capital Equestrian" was born!


Developing a logo fitting of the name was great fun, Kim wanted to make reference to her past, present, and future while keeping an equine spin on it and to make it all very personal. 


  • A horse skull to denote the equine element as well as stress the importance of anatomy in her work (and to satisfy her macabre tendencies)

  • The Juniper boughs to represent her present and future as she married into clan Murray. 

  • The overlapping squares as an additional "nod" to her family company roots, but personalised with her own initials K and M.