Rusk is a grumpy pony headstudy medallion new for Autumn 2019 sculpted by Kim Murray. He was modeled off of an Exmoor Pony but could adapt to other breed assignments as he was sculpted to not be massivly true to type.


A variant was made for the 2019 British Model Equine Championship Show which had a Celtic theme. This variant included a banner at the bottom of each sculpt which read “BMECS ‘19” and was given as prizes for the Top 10 in each division. This variant was called "Iska" the Celtic pony.


Rusk is a fine and detailed sculpture and produced as a relief sculpture cast in solid white urethane resin.

Sculpture Size: H:8cm x W:6.5cm x D:0.5cm (approx)

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Rusk - Exmoor Pony Headstudy