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Damson is a 1:64 scale (Micro Mini) motherly Highland Pony mare sculpted by Kim Murray. This plump lady is a nursing mare with full udders. With a sweet and gentle demeanour, it's no wonder that this new mum is besotted with her foal. Watch for updates as a filly sculpture is in the works!


Damson was produced for the 2019 British Model Equine Championship Show in curio scale as a Prize Model, and in stablemate scale as a Judge's Model. For sales purposes, this sculpt will only be offered in Micro Mini and Traditional scales. This listing is for the 1:64 micro mini scale, which is a run limited to 70 pieces. This variant is 3D printed on a Formlabs Form3 SLA printer. Rather than the standard grey printed resin which is most commonly seen, this model is printed using the Model v2 resin, which is a beige coloured resin that is most commonly used for dental needs, but offers more flexibility than the standard Grey resin, resulting in fewer breaks from bumps and drops.

Micro Damson - Motherly Highland Pony Mare

SKU: D64
  • Please note that this model is made to order. Please allow 7-10 business days for production before shipping. 

  • Whilst I strive to get every order sent as quickly as possible, please allow 3-5 business days for order processing and shipping.

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