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Mindy (Mini Indy) is a part of my personal resin collection that I am dispersing. She is a stablemate resin that is a mini version of the traditional scale Independence resin sculpted by Sarah Rose in 2004. This miniaturised version was produced in 2007. This model has undergone extensive customisation by Lyn Norbury to be transformed from a Tennessee Walking Horse to an American Saddlebred. That said, she is nearly completed, needing her back shortened and her face refined a little, but Lyn was unable to finish her due to health issues. So, Mindy is being sold "as is" and the buyer may finishe her how they choose. Mindy is in primer and is partially prepped but has more prepping that is needed before painting. She is a clean cast with no other major flaws that I can see. 

Customised Mindy (In Progress)

  • Collection models being sold are being sold "as is" though I am striving to describe them to the best of my ability. As I have not produced this model myself, I cannot offer any guarentees should any problems arise with this model with regards to its manufacturing.

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