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Bitty Bosco is a part of my personal resin collection that I am dispersing. He is a stablemate resin that is a mini version of the traditional scale El Embosco resin sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn in 2005. This miniaturised version was produced in 2008. This particular model has undergone extensive customisation by Lyn Norbury to be transformed from a Kiger Mustang to a Paso Fino. His transformation is complete though I would suggest assessing and correcting his stability as he does not stand well (thus the cardboard in the photos). He is in primer and is partially prepped but has more prepping that is needed before painting. He has no major flaws that I can see. 

Customised Bitty Bosco

  • Collection models being sold are being sold "as is" though I am striving to describe them to the best of my ability. As I have not produced this model myself, I cannot offer any guarentees should any problems arise with this model with regards to its manufacturing.

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