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Bracken is a part of my personal resin collection that I am dispersing. He is a littlebit scale trotting pony resin sculpted by David Mayer for (and produced by) Horsing Around in a 2004 limited run of 125 pieces. He has been sculpted so that he is removable from his base. You will notice that he is missing his front left leg which has broken off. I do not have the broken leg so it is not included in this sale. Other than this, he is fairly clean cast and has no other major flaws that I can see. 

Bracken (Broken Leg)

  • Collection models being sold are being sold "as is" though I am striving to describe them to the best of my ability. As I have not produced this model myself, I cannot offer any guarentees should any problems arise with this model with regards to its manufacturing.

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