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Be Part of The Portfolio 

Ever wanted a sculpture of YOUR Horse or Pony and never dared ask the price or even know who to go to..? 



Well, this could be your chance ~ it’s super simple too.....!!!


Kim is giving you all the chance to put your Native British Pure Breed horses and ponies forward and would also be interested in "Hunter” “Working Hunter” “Sport Horses” too. 


As much as we know you adore your furry friends, they need to conform to numerous confirmation requirements and so you need to send Kim a few photos as well as height and confirmation of breed type too just so she can check that they tick all the right boxes. 


Send your various photos to  as follows:

  • Full side view- standing and in movement (even jumping- if you think this shows the best of your horse/pony)

  • Face view (head on and or turned)

  • View from behind (we like a good bottom!) 

See... told you it was easy! 


Kim is not just choosing one but a selection to add to her 2018/19 portfolio. If your horse/pony ticks all the boxes we will be in touch. 

If your horse/pony fits the bill you will receive a bronze resin copy of the original and your horse/pony will become one of the Capital Equestrian Portfolio which is rather a fabulous thing!


Look forward to seeing your beloved horses and ponies!! 

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