Customs Gallery


This traditional scale Tennessee Walking Horse resin, Independence, by Sarah Rose was technically the first customisation that Kim took on and finished.


Works include a lengthened face, new mane and tail, and a flicked back ear.

Once finished, he was painted beautifully by Zoe Antrobus in her exceptionally detailed style.


This is a custom commission of the traditional scale Thoroughbred mare resin, Veronka, By Carol Williams. 

Works include a re-sculpted neck into a lower head set, new mane and forelock, lengthened head, and correction of her misaligned skull (was off set during the casting process).

She has been beautifully painted by Deb Brown.

 Breyer Giselles 

These are two Breyer traditional scale GG Valentines, on the Giselle mould commissioned to be very different horses. One was to be a Western multipurpose horse and the other an English multipurpose horse.

For both, works include re-sculpted and repositioned necks, new manes and tails, newly positioned limbs, and further muscling (extensive on the western horse).  Both had extra magnetic manes and forelocks made too.


Both GGs were skilfully painted by Harriotte Preston of Divine Justice Studios.

Lovingly Crafted in

the United Kingdom