Another side of the Capital Equestrian brand is a range of trophies and awards for the real equine world.  


The group photo shows five handsome chaps all of which were testers for trophy samples and although they are in cold cast bronze, aluminium, copper and brass they can all be painted as they would be if they were white resin. 


One of the group (Cold Cast Bronze) is a SECOND as he has a bubble in the top of his head. 


In terms of the sculpture itself, he is a 2nd of the orignal Auron is a 1:16 scale Curio Welsh Mountain pony stallion sculpted by Kim Murray. He was a one mould run of 60 pieces solid cast in white urethane resin with steel enforced legs.   


But due to the inconstancy of metal powder in the mould vent areas of these copies we can’t any of them for the trophies, and especially not this chap becasue of the bubble/hole. 


As the original Auron Curio sold out last year at BreyerFest 2018, we thought those of you who were still desperate to get your hands on one could pick up one this handsome chap.




Seconds - Auron Cold Cast Curio - 1:16 scale

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