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Arawn (Welsh for Fairy) is a winged Welsh Mountian pony stallion and based on the original Auron (Pebbles 1:16 sized) sculpted by Kim Murray.


Arawn was originally commissioned especally for BMECS 2018 event as an award for the Championship Awards.


This is to be a very small special edition run of 30 fairies in white resin so, be sure to catch one quickly before he flies away! 


The Painted version is NOT FOR SALE but he gives you an idea of how Arawn could look as it has been beautifully painted by Amanda Greaves. 




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Upon request, partial refunds will be given. In those situations, £20 is nonrefundable. Failure to complete payment within 90 days by 12pm GMT of the last day within the 90 day period will forfeit the entire £50 deposit.

Arawn - Fairy Pebbles 1:16 scale (Time Payments)