About Capital Equestrian

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Specialising in realistic equine sculpture, Kim Murray creates sculptures with exceptional anatomical accuracy, immense detail and tremendous expression. 


Her growing portfolio comprises of affordable fine art, portrait sculpting, event awards and model horses.    

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Primarily compiling breed type, form, detail and personality from photographic and essential "hands-on" reference,  Kim’s écorché sculpting style results in fully formed horse and pony sculptures with great anatomical accuracy. 

Kim takes great care to add each element of the horse’s anatomy to every piece of sculpture she produces, approaching each sculpture with immense precision and with a scientific mind. 

Kim works with her small Capital Equestrian team who are a very creative and skilled bunch creating some breathtakingly beautiful artist resins which can be produced as a one off commission, as bespoke awards, as a whole edition for the model horse market or even as life size "garden ornaments"!


The list of options is endless and Kim and her team do love a challenge!

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